Recently, an article came out in promotion of chiropractic care as a way to prepare for a bride’s special day. Traditionally, women have sought out facials, massages, pedicures and other spa services along those lines. Not surprisingly, chiropractic care fits right in with those categories. While a routine spinal check-up is a bit less picturesque than, say, a mud bath or face mask, the benefits are no less important.

When people think of preparing for their wedding day, or really any milestone in life, they think of pampering activities or even fitness routines. Any way to look and feel one’s best, really.

The article mentioned posture and stress-relief as the two biggest components of chiropractic care for newlyweds. With all eyes on the bride and groom, it’s no wonder stress relief is at the top of the list. Chiropractic care is directly correlated to the central nervous system. When we can care for, and relax, the nerves, we can then help to relieve all other stressors in the body. Additionally, a happy, healthy posture can help to promote self-confidence. Studies show that even just sitting up straight when speaking or walking a bit taller can boost self-esteem. Try it!

For brides and grooms looking to trim down or bulk up before their moment on the aisle, chiropractic care can also be very beneficial. Regular chiropractic visits can help with increased blood circulation, which helps to maintain healthy muscles. Chiropractic care opens up areas of the body that are normally tight or fixed in ways that will allow for better flow. This not only helps from a fitness standpoint, but will also work to decrease inflammation in the body. No one wants to look or feel ‘puffy’ in pictures that will be around for years to come. Tack on an adjustment to your new gym routine and you’ll notice a difference after just a few visits.

If you are seeking some extra care leading up to you and your new spouse’s big day, consider a few routine chiropractic care visits. If nothing else, chiropractic care provides a way for both the mind and body to decompress. When the muscles can relax, the mind can relax. Whether you are looking for a quick-fix or some pampering, Dr. Craig Stover will help you get the results you are after. Give our offices a call today to set up a consultation.