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Dr. Craig Stover is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Cumming community.

Dr. Craig Stover has been freeing people from pain in a clinical setting since 1994. As an experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Stover is committed to promoting optimal health, performance and well being of  patients. He uses a “whole body approach.” This means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or problem and making whatever interventions and lifestyle changes necessary to regain the level of health desired.  We partner with you to help restore and maintain your health naturally, so you can live life to the fullest. Why just survive, when you can Thrive?

Dr. Craig Stover has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Western State Colorado and a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance from Fort Hays State (KS). His Doctorate of Chiropractic is from Life University. In addition, Dr. Stover is a graduate of Carlson College of Massage Therapy, and he is a level 2 credentialed provider in Active Release Technique. He also has a fellowship from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has studied Active Isolated Stretching.

Dr. Stover is a specialist in muscle, nerve and bone.  His educational background and experience in connecting all these parts of the body, makes him a rare commodity in the chiropractic field.

Educated extensively in sport injury/muscle management, he has over 20 years experience he brings to the table. He has managed his business Performance Enhancement/Performance Care Group since 1993. Dr. Stover has a Brimhall Wellness Certification including: Laser therapy, Applied Kinesiology and nutritional analysis, and received his Physiotherapy licensing at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Participating in two sports in college — football and wrestling — gives him an edge in treating athletes and an understanding that many doctors do not possess when it comes to sports specific issues.

In total, Dr. Stover has had 7 knee surgeries, 2 elbow surgeries, broke both wrists, separated a shoulder, dislocated a hip and blew out an ankle in his career. Not something to be proud of, but this history is what has driven him toward injury prevention and wellness.

Dr. Stover wrestled for and took the bronze for the USA in the Soviet Union, bodyguarded Arnold Schwarzenegger at Muscle Beach, and served as a Strength Coach for the 2000 USA Rugby National Championship Team. Additionally, he administered his Performance Model with Dan Gable and the National Champion Iowa Hawkeye Wrestlers ’93-’98, Tom Brands NCAA Champion Iowa Wrestling teams 2008-2010,  Hayden Fry’s Iowa Football ’95 Sun Bowl, ’96 Alamo Bowl, ’97 Sun Bowl Teams, and 26 players from the 1998 NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

  • In his quest for Max Musculoskeletal Performance, he has helped patients to Olympic medals, All-State, All-American, National Champ and All-Pro status. Dr. Stover has been to and worked the Super Bowl, World Championships, and the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Olympic Trials.
  • The NFL record for most carries in a season is 410. Imagine the physicality that player possessed. He met with Dr. Stover and was administered Performance model 2 times per week that entire season.
  • The most points ever scored by a team (IOWA) in an NCAA Wrestling (Div. I) Tournament is 170 pts. Dr. Stover administered his system for that team throughout the tournament and was with them managing athletes that entire season.
  • Dr. Stover has been all over the US meeting with the top doctors, trainers and coaches to gain new perspective on managing patients. In 1992, he trained  Bodybuilders and athletes at the MECA of MUSCLE (Gold’s GYM, Santa Monica, CA). In addition, he has traveled to Mexico, Russia, Canada and Finland trying to gain the edge in Performance Enhancement.

Dr. Stover has been to Spring Training in Florida working with MLB players, lived/worked at training camp with NFL teams, as well as being an All-Conference, All-State and All-American Athlete himself.

Dr. Stover has four children: Tyler, Tiffany, Mackenzie, and Keegan. He has two dogs, Thomas and Odie.

If you’re looking for someone to restore your spinal, joint and muscle integrity, manage your body globally and locally, and work with someone who cares and will go the extra mile,  Dr. Stover is the doctor for you. Call (678) 513-1450 today!