Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years to treat pain, tension, stress, and more. Today, patients in and around Cumming, GA, can enjoy the relieving and wellness benefits that massage brings, thanks to Dr. Stover. Repetitive moments, stress, incorrect lifting, and more can cause muscle, tendon, and joint pain which can easily be treated through massage therapy. If you suffer from pain and need relief, or if you just want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage, contact our offices to set up your next session.

Massage therapy has been used in eastern and western medicine to treat pain, as well as anxiety and depression. Many people carry their stress (in the form of tension and knots) most often in their neck, shoulders, and back. For centuries, massage has been used to ease these pains and tensions to great success and promotes overall health and wellbeing.

There are several forms of massage therapy that are used, but the common denominator amongst them is kneading, stretching, and targeting soft tissues to remove pain points. When your muscles tense, you develop knots that bind nerves and send pain throughout your body. These pains often end up in your neck and cause headaches that detract from your day to day life. By breaking up these knots, your nerves (and you) can relax and the pain washes away.

Massage therapy is an attractive and viable option for treating muscular and joint discomfort/pain for:

  • Athletes – Constant stress in the gym and on the field wears and tears the muscles, leaving them susceptible to scar tissue forming. Through massage, they are able to treat their minor injuries and perform at their peak levels.
  • Laborers – Repetitive motions and heavy lifting can put incredible strain on the body, requiring knowledge of treating obvious and hidden tensions.
  • Office workers – Many who work in offices have poor, if not outright terrible, posture while they sit, putting too much pressure on their lower backs, shoulders as they type, and necks as they crane to view their computer screens.
  • Retail and food service – Walking around all day and being on your feet can cause your lower spine to tense up and shoot pain throughout your body and limbs. Treating this pain point can clear up headaches and leg pain so that you can continue on with your career.
  • Students – Long hours of studying over textbooks, laptops, or tablets can impart the same pain and stress that office workers endure. Massage therapy alleviates that pain so that they can continue to study hard to ace their next exam.

If you’re tired of living with neck, shoulder, or back pain, visit our offices to discuss massage therapy and how we can help. We review your current pains and determine which massage method(s) will reduce and eliminate your stressors; we create custom treatments so that you don’t feel like one of many — and because we care. Dr. Stover has years of education and experience in treating muscle, joint, and bone pain for athletes and everyday people in and around Cumming, GA. Call us today to set up your next massage therapy session.

Massage Therapy
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